Established in the Pittsburgh area in 2012. This professional recording studio fuses modern techniques and digital equipment with great-sounding analogue gear. Our hybrid approach to recording brings the best of both worlds while providing a friendly, comfortable environment to lay down your dream tracks.

Fire K Studios will provide artists and owners with a cutting edge recording studio, a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, and a plethora of equipment. We will strive to ensure the customer leaves happy and satisfied with their experience. We will provide the knowledge and tools to help establish the brand of Fire K Studios and our unique sound.

Fire K Studios is a visually-stunning recording studio that features breath-taking design and atmosphere. Located in the Pittsburgh area, Fire K Studios combines a professional setting and a comfortable working environment. Engineers and owners Matt Firek and Andrew Wilds are easy to work with, experienced, and very creative. They love what they do and they look forward to working with you.